I created Loumarola to support a project in which I sincerely believe and which corresponds to my values, that of Shelly, surfer and South African mother.

In 2016, she created Surfsense , an eco-responsible company made up exclusively of women, located in St Francis Bay in South Africa.

She fully designs and sells swimsuits in which lycra is produced with recycled materials.

All jerseys are designed by hand and feature UPF 50+ UV protection which guarantees UVA/UVB protection. It is the highest standard of sun protection.

My sister-in-law started selling them in Mauritius in 2018, I decided to follow suit this year to sell them in my turn in France.

I also wanted to offer pretty protective swimsuits for our little girls and boys, at a reasonable price for children. Noting that what was available on the market did not please me or was too expensive, I wanted to propose an alternative.

The models are in limited editions, for some sometimes renewed.

Good discovery !