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We offer hand-crafted swimsuits with recycled materials that protect you from UV (UPF 50+).

You will find all the swimsuits available in stock in the sectionsAdults andChildren.

If you cannot find the jersey you want in the available stocks, you can design your jersey in the "Customize" section and place a pre-order.

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Environmentally friendly

All our swimsuits are made with lycra produced with recycled materials, mainly plastic.

1 jersey = 15 recycled plastic bottles

We use reusable or compostable postal packaging (except label).

The protective pouch is reusable to allow you to carry your wet swimsuit everywhere!

We aim for responsible stock management: limited stocks, pre-orders, carbon impact monitoring.

All eco-responsible!

Preserve water and its fragile ecosystem by wearing our swimsuits & less sunscreen!

Nos partenaires

Loumarola développe progressivement des partenariats ! Le premier est avec Yapu-K & Co, qui propose à la location tout le nécessaire pour les vacances de vos enfants ! C'est économique & écologique ! Retrouvez ainsi certains de nos maillots sur le site de Yapu-K & Co.

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